Jun 23

Welcome to DahaqMusic

Thanks for stopping by DahaqMusic.com!

Basically I’m just another bored kid – when I have some spare time, I like listening to music etc etc.

But recently I’m into splicing together a bunch of rap/hip-hop originals, remixes, and covers into one “mega remix” and “rapping” over the beat myself too. Also, I like to put independent and upcoming artists in my mixes too – not just signed rappers who already have too much money.

I’m not here to “get famous” or something – I’m just having fun and expressing my feelings sometimes. I don’t know. Plus I’m still learning, so I’m not calling myself the best or something. But it’s fun so I’ll probably keep doing it.

Check out my YouTube channel; like, subscribe, comment, share, you know the drill.

If you want to hop in one of my future mixes, check out the collaborations page, and you could get featured. I don’t really care if you suck, because I accept that I suck anyways. And again I’m just having fun.

Oh and by the way… in case you were wondering how I came up with Dahaq…
“Da” is slang for “the”,
“Haq” in Arabic means “truth”,
so “Da” + “Haq” = “The Truth”. Haha GOT EM!

Peace out and keep it real!

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