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If you want to hop in one of my future mixes, or have an idea for a collab, check out the collaborations page, and let’s get it rolling. I don’t really care if you suck, because I accept that I suck anyways. And again I’m just having fun.


1. What does Dahaq mean?
“Da” is slang for “the”.
“Haq” in Arabic means “truth”.
so “Da” + “Haq” = “The Truth”. GOT EM!

2. Who are you?
I’m college student, if I’m not working on that then I’m working on my music or web development (those are my two passions). In terms of demographics, I am probably the one who you least expect to rap, bout 19 years old and a US born Pakistani. I’m just having fun. But I still kill mufukkas!

3. So what do you do?
I started off Summer 2013 by releasing hip-hop/rap mega remixes which are essentially songs by different artists all spliced together, then I would hop on the track as well. I’m a LOT better now then but I keep my old stuff remind me where I came from. I am now into releasing original songs and collabing with producers and artists alike.

4. Who does your mixing?
Right now… me, myself, and I. And that goes for people who I collab with and can’t/won’t edit their own stuff. I’m pretty proud of myself in terms of how much my quality has improved, rapping-wise, as well as production-wise. I mix songs by myself at home (no studio). I have a decent microphone set up and that’s basically it. I use Audacity to record, which, though free, is an extremely capable software.

5. You suck.
Well, that’s not a question. And if I do suck, who cares? I don’t see why you should. That said, I do welcome constructive feedback, just let me know via YouTube or contact me.

Peace out and keep it real!

Dahaq – Sanctified (Remix) (Remastered)

Rerecorded and remastered my verse over the Sanctified beat after some feedback! A LOT better quality, if you compare to the old one, in my honest opinion (here’s the old one).
Riding solo on this one. Coming through with a remix of Rick Ross’s Sanctified off Mastermind with Big Sean and Kanye West! The beat was too good to ignore!

  1. Sanctified (Remix) (Remastered) [Prod. Jairtheshadow] Dahaq 2:30


Double Cup MEGA REMIX ft. DJ Infamous, Yung Berg, Ace Hood, Young Jeezy, Yo Gotti, Kirko Bangz, Ludacris, Tiffany Foxx, Kirko Bangz, Juicy J, The Game, and Snootie Wild

double cup mega remix


Extended remix of DJ Infamous Double Cup. I stayed off this track as it was already solid and I’m working hard on the mixtape!

  1. Shit Is Real (Remix) ft. Lil Jojo and P. Rico Dahaq 4:25


Shit Is Real (Remix) ft. Lil Jojo and P. Rico

shit is real lil jojo

This shit is real, in the field so I keep the steel… putting together as a tribute to Lil Jojo (RIP) and my take on this joint.
My debut mixtape “This Is Awkward” is in the works and will be out this summer! Consider this a single I guess. Stay posted for updates!

  1. Shit Is Real (Remix) ft. Lil Jojo and P. Rico Dahaq 4:25